eSpatial October Release Preview

As always, we are continuously looking at ways to make our mapping software work better for our customers.

Later this month we are releasing some new features which are sure to make a difference to how you visualize your data on maps. Today we’ll take a sneak peek at a few of the updated features.

Optimized Labelling

Labels are an important part of map styling. They help to differentiate and annotate points of importance. Choosing the right size, font, background color and border can be the difference between a well-labeled map and a poorly labeled one.  Once the styling of a label is mastered, it is necessary to ensure that the placement of the labels don’t distract from the data being displayed. eSpatial offers options to display all labels or non-overlapping labels and in the September release, we will be offering the option to allow the automatic optimization of label placement. As you can see in the image below, the labels are placed to allow more labels to be shown in comparison to the “non-overlapping labels” option without obscuring the data like you would see if all labels were displayed.

Non-Overlapping Labels on a Map

Non-Overlapping Labels
Overlapping Labels on a Map

Overlapping Labels
Optimized Labels on a Map

Optimized Labels

New Basemaps

Basemaps are the canvas for your maps and eSpatial already has a wide variety available for you to use. In this release, we will be adding two. The first is a transit basemap which highlights primary and secondary roads, airports and the rail network. The second is a plain white basemap. The plain basemap is one of our most frequent customer requests. This allows you to really focus in on a particular region, without the distraction of other regions in the background.

Blank Basemap
Blank basemap showing US territories and store locations.
Blank basemap showing store locations in South Central Territory only.

Salesforce Beta

For the past number of weeks, we have been working with a group of our customers who have registered for our beta program. This beta program is set up to better understand requirements of our customers when it comes to the import and synchronization of data from the CRM with eSpatial. After gathering their individual and common requirements we are delighted to be able to get the first phase underway in our next release. The program will also give our customers early access to the product and the ability to provide feedback as we work on a full implementation. Currently, this beta program is only available to Analyst, Team Plus and Enterprise customers. If you would like to be a part of the beta program, please visit this page and fill out the contact form.

Stay tuned to our blog over the next month for a more detailed walk-through of the various features of the new release.

Paul Connolly, Chief Product Officer at eSpatial

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