Choosing eSpatial as a MapPoint Alternative

Microsoft MapPoint ceased development in 2014, which means if you’re still using it today, you are using an outdated product that hasn’t been updated in over two years.

Using outdated software like this can be incredibly risky for your organization. If something goes wrong, there is no support available and no back-up available online.

But that shouldn’t stop you from mapping. eSpatial is the perfect alternative to MapPoint, allowing you to transform data from your CRM and spreadsheets into visualized maps in seconds. But not only that, we offer our service completely online and you will be fully supported by a team of mapping experts – No risk of losing your work or having trouble finding an answer.

MapPoint Alternative
Create visually stunning maps form your business data.

Why Do People Choose eSpatial as a MapPoint Alternative?

Online Cloud-based Service

Our software is 100% online which means you can access your data anytime and anywhere with no complex installations. Moving to a MapPoint alternative presents the perfect opportunity for your organization to upgrade a more modern cloud-based service.

Constant Updates

Another advantage of having eSpatial online is instant updates. We update our software regularly throughout the year with new features based on customer feedback. These updates are installed seamlessly without any interruption to your service. This year alone we’ve added advanced collaboration and annotations, and even now, we’re are preparing for our next release.

Collaborate & Share

With MapPoint, the only way to share your work with a colleague was to send the file to their local computer or host it on a server. With us, it’s a simple case of sharing with individual team members and inviting them to collaborate. They can then access from their device, anywhere. We give you the capacity to share and embed maps online, and  our collaboration features allow teams to work remotely to produce and analyze maps together.

Security of Your Data

Using cloud-based software like ours means that your data and maps are saved and backed up in real-time, ensuring that there is no risk of your data being lost. Furthermore, we have advanced firewalls and protocols that protect your data from any external threats.

Expert Customer Support

Most importantly, we have a team of mapping experts ready to help you with any questions you may have about a MapPoint alternative. They will also take you through a tailored consultation where they will guide you through moving your data from MapPoint to eSpatial and the best mapping techniques for your particular industry.

Contact us today and we can help you move to a faster, easier and more powerful MapPoint alternative.

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