Check out the new Styling Features available for eSpatial

Earlier today we released a brand new version of eSpatial which adds Advanced Labelling capabilities to our mapping software, making your maps stand out even more vibrantly!

Styled Map

eSpatial’s Mapping Software has always been powerful and fast, but now we’re making it even easier to use with our latest update. Using our new Advanced Labelling, you can quickly design and label vibrant and elegant maps, making it easier than ever to visualize your data.

This new update includes a host of new labelling features including:

Styling Optionslabel4

New Pin Styles mean that you can customize the location pin on your map to a range of image options. We’ve even added the ability to add your own.

Various Fonts

We’ve added multiple fonts to our database to allow users to customize the type of text used in labels. Depending on the map, context, and data represented. Different font’s can make your labels stand out and more pleasing to the eye.

Box style Labels

Box style labels allow labels on locations to become eye-catching and stand out to users, making them easier to identify.

Multiple Types of Attributes

Labels can now contain multiple attributes, such as company name, value, owner, status, contact and more.

Additional Characters

Special characters now include currency and percentage characters to differentiate the values listed don labels.

Multi-Line Labelling

Multi-line Labelling allowing for more information to be displayed. For example, highlight the company name and value.

Territory Manager Update

Our styling options are not the only thing included in this update, we’ve also updated our Territory Management Software (see more information about that here) with even more datasets, including US, UK, Canadian, and Australian datasets. Making it even easier to create and manage sales territories. The complete list of additonal datasets can be seen below:


  • US Metropolitan/Micropolitan Statistical Area Boundaries (MSA)
  • US Combined Statistical Area Boundaries (CSA)
  • US Congressional Districts (111th)

US / Canada:

  • North America – US States and Canadian Province and Territories


  • Canadian Census Divisions


  • Local Authority Boundaries
  • Scottish Postcode Sectors
  • Scottish Council Areas
  • Welsh Postcodes Sectors
  • UK Constituent Country Boundaries


  • Australian State Boundaries
  • Australian Local Government Areas

Global / Worldwide:

  • World Bank Data
  • European Economic Area Countries


Finally, this latest version of eSpatial also includes numerous background changes (which you may not notice) that will improve the performance and speed of our Mapping Software.

Territory Map

Why not give our new Advanced Labelling a try by Signing up for a FREE TRIAL here.

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